Linnet, from Abandonment to Hope at the Musha Wevana Children’s Home in Zimbabwe

Like many stories of the children that are found in the Musha Wevana children’s home in Zimbabwe, Linnet was rescued from a life of abandonment and neglect and saved from the injustices and abuse she would have faced alone on the streets.

When Linnet was a baby, she was living with her father and her stepmother, and when her father died, her stepmother no longer wanted her. Linnet’s mother was already deceased, so no one was left to care for her. So, she then came to live at Musha Wevana when she was a baby, and she is now finding hope and experiencing the redemptive love of Christ. She is four years old and she loves playing with her friends, especially playing house. The language she speaks is Shona, and she goes to church every Sunday and receives love and care from the members of the congregation.

Please pray for:

  • Her continued health and well-being
  • Her relationship with Christ, that through the church, she will come to know Him and love Him
  • Access to food and clean water

The children in the Musha Wevana children’s home are supported through our sponsorship program, and Linnet is still in need of a sponsor. Please pray and consider sponsoring Linnet today.


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