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Adam_HS_largeIn April I spent two weeks in India and Nepal visiting with our directors, meeting with pastors, sharing sponsor packets with children and interviewing families in the micro-finance program. I slept in a hut in a remote village, took pictures of hundreds of children and rode a motorcycle over a river, through a valley and on the side of a mountain on Easter Sunday. It was epic.

Throughout the trip, I was often reminded of the importance of relationships and partnerships. Our Children’s Director in Nepal is partnering with local schools to provide education for hundreds of children. Our Indian Director is partnering with local church leaders to start over 100 churches. Nepali leaders are partnering with village leaders to provide small loans to empower families on the brink of extreme poverty. Alone we can accomplish a little. But together, we can do so much. Your partnership with these leaders is so critical and transformational for their ministries and communities. Thank you for your strategic investment in these leaders, pastors, children and families. I have seen the direct impact of your partnership, and it is making a huge difference. Thank you.

May God grant you endurance and encouragement through these friendships and partnerships. With one mind and one voice, may we glorify the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ.
– based on Romans 15:5-6

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  1. Oh my goodness. This was just too much to watch. I don’t think the puhnmnseits were harsh enough. It just makes no sense at all what some people do in the name of religion.

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