Experiencing A Parent’s Love

Pradip Joshi - 3823 copyIf Pradip were not living and studying at ServLife’s children’s home in Nepal, he would likely be working as a shepherd in the village of his birth. Pradip lost both his parents to tuberculosis at the age of three. This might well have spelled out a life of struggle for Pradip; scraping out a living with distant relatives and going to work with the livestock at a very young age. He says that after his parents passed away he was not receiving the love and care he needed in his home village. Pradip may never have seen a classroom or received the love and attention so essential for a child’s growth and development.

Thankfully, the danger to Pradip’s future was recognized, and he came to the ServLife children’s home. He is now 15 and has been at the home for about ten years. He is in ninth grade and considers himself a family member in this home. Pradip refers to the staff that cares for the children as his parents, and the other children as his brothers and sisters. He says, “With the support of my surrogate parents I am doing well in my studies and I have the opportunity to learn about God. Now I can understand the love my late parents wanted to give me.” Pradip shares that his favorite things about his home are first experiencing the love and care of his surrogate parents, and second the cooperation and companionship of his brothers and sisters at the home.

Pradip credits his new parents with enabling him to make his future bright. “My parents have shown great and unexpected love towards me,” he says, “so I want to show love to others in my future career.” Pradip wants to help others through becoming a police officer. He hopes that by becoming a public servant he can begin to pass along the love he has been shown by his surrogate family. Pradip is joyfully taking on the challenges of forging a future path for himself, but acknowledges that he could not have come to this place on his own.

“I thank God and my new parents,” Pradip says, “without them I would not receive this opportunity to study and create a career for myself.” Pradip is convicted of the value of the love and opportunities he has received. He says, “I had never experienced such parental love before. Every child in this home should be thankful for this privilege. Children should have the chance to experience this parental love!”

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