Universal Language

It’s been said that music is the universal language, and while that may be true to some degree, I contend that sports practically brings strangers together in a way that music never can. Music can bring a smile to a face, a snap to fingers, a tap to a foot, and a clap to hands. But sports expose the character of a person – a fierceness, a drive, a determination. Sports breed teamwork, discipline and perseverance, qualities that extend beyond any playing surface.

All of these qualities were evident when playing cricket with the children in Bihar, India. No interpretation was needed – the objectives were clear – let the games begin.

As we played the game of kings in a dusty dirt lot in rural India, it occurred to me that God’s love is the TRUE universal language, and like a successful sports team, His people must exhibit fierceness, drive, determination, teamwork, and perseverance to battle against the powers of darkness in order to win the game.

Thanks be to God that we already know the ultimate outcome so we can claim victory, which should give us a boldness and courage to fight the fight, finish the race, and on that day, enter into our eternal rest.

– Ryan

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