God in the Storm

4Albert Das, Director of ServLife India, says that Bihar is the closest place to hell you will ever find on earth. By the end of our first day here, I began to understand what he meant. The temperatures have rested well over 100 degrees for the past few weeks. And while I may have packed for the heat, nothing can prepare you for that kind of hot.

As we toured the ServLife complex in sweltering afternoon heat, the reality of the next 5 days began to sink in. No electricity. No A/C. No fans. No breeze. No relief.

As my body temperature began to rise and my clothes dripped of sweat, a panic began to rise in me. Wild thoughts began to fill my head. My pulse raced. I felt sick. If this was how it was going to be for the next 5 days, I would not make it. I was sure I would die here. Panic overwhelmed me, and I cried out to God in desperation, “Bring me some relief, Father, please.”

Then God came in the storm. It started as a cool breeze as we gathered on the second floor terrace. Thunder and lightening filled the oppressive night sky. And then it rained.

This miracle storm left us comfortably sleeping under blankets and the knowledge of God’s promises. In my hour of need, the God of the Universe sent a storm to say so clearly to me, “When you get to the end of yourself, I am there.” And each time a breeze blows on these long, hot days I remember that God will sustain what is His.

– Ramona

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