Udaya Bhatta Returns from Journey to West Nepal, Please Pray for Bhatta Family

The director of ServLife’s children home in Nepal, Udaya Bhatta, shared about his recent journey to West Nepal and God’s protection on their journey. Please pray for Udaya’s father who has been very ill, for Udaya and Bhakti and their health and God’s continued favor upon their lives and ministry.

“Our beloved children have finished their final exam and patiently waiting for their good results, ” says Udaya Bhatta. “I hope all have done well and that they will be able to advance. We had a difficult journey to my village due to some young men throwing stones at the front glass of our bus and trying to rob us. But the passengers were able to capture them and we faced no harm. We had to wait until morning for the glass to be fixed. After a few hours of resuming our travel the next day, we were stopped in a traffic jam of vehicles because a vehicle had crushed a person. I was sure that we were going to stay there long, but because of God’s grace upon us we were rescued by a police van. They helped us to reach another place where we could take a vehicle to reach home. I came back from my village and my father is well now after the treatment. After returning from the journey I caught a high fever and still am not feeling well. Bhakti is still with my parents and she will be coming back soon.”

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