At ServLife we’re so thankful for you and your support to plant churches, care for children, and fight poverty in India and Nepal. And what are children in India and Nepal thankful for? We asked ServLife children during our trip this October and they said:

Sujata Quote

I am thankful to know Jesus Christ as my savior, and to get to know people like you (my sponsor). I feel blessed.- Sabita, Nepal, 11

I am thankful for your support, love and prayer. I am thankful for God that he has given me life.I am thankful for my family.- Subin Kapali, Nepal, 5

Vibek Quote

I am thankful that I am studying and making my future happy.- Yabesh, Nepal, 10

I am thankful to know Christ in my life, get a chance to study and have a wonderful family & people like you (my sponsor).- Rakshya, Nepal,16

I am thankful in my life for what God has given me and I am really thankful for your support, care and love towards me. I am thankful that God has given me parents and a good situation in my life.- Anjali, Nepal,18

I am thankful that I am a child of God who really loves and cares for us.- Sanu, Nepal,10

Bishal Quote

I am thankful for God blessing and supporting me, for my sponsor, and for my family.- Priscilla, Nepal, 13

I am thankful for knowing God and His love and grace upon me. I am thankful for getting everything that I need. I am thankful for [my sponsor] praying for me.- Mahan, Nepal, 12

I am thankful that God is with me.- Nabina, Nepal, 10

I am thankful for the opportunity that I have got the chance to study and fulfill my future dreams. And I am thankful for how I got the chance to life in ServLife Children’s Home and know everybody here.- Merina, Nepal, 17

Uoopadesh quote

I am thankful for my mother and father who gave me birth, and my teachers who give me knowledge… and you (my sponsor) who helped me very, very, very much in my study.- Dilendra, Nepal, 13

I am thankful for you, for sponsoring me.- Saroj, Nepal, 10

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