Beyond The Basic

Olivia and Kushboo In IndiaIn October, Olivia Sellke participated in a Vision Trip to India and Nepal with a team from Indiana. She took the time to reflect on her experience:

When the topic of orphans comes up, a lot of Christians point to the verse in James that gives instruction. Some translations say “look after orphans” (NIV) some say “care for orphans” (NLT). These guidelines are simple but they are clear. There are organizations all around the world that care and provide for the basic needs of orphans – food, clothing, shelter, education and this is no small feat.

But there is something different about the ServLife kids (and I can say that having visited other children’s homes).

They are cared for beyond their basic needs.

IMG_1561Beyond the necessities these kids are loved deeply and they are known. And isn’t that what we all long for?

There is an unmistakable joy that springs up and overflows from being known and loved not only by the people that surround you but also by an almighty Father. That joy was contagious among the kids –it’s an emotion that still fills my heart as I sit on the other side of world a month later thinking about my time with them. It’s the first thing that comes to mind when people ask where I saw God working.

God is working in the hearts of these kids. Each child has a unique story that they tell of who they are and how they have come to know Christ and almost every story starts with the people who care for them – people who are walking alongside them and showing them what it looks like to have a relationship with God. It’s impactful and it’s changing their lives – just look at the last blog post detailing some of the things the kids are thankful for.

Not only is God working in the hearts of the kids, he is working in the hearts of the adults that are training up the children in the way they should go (Prv. 22:6). In the short time our team was in Nepal and India I saw grace, patience, and love multiplied in unbelievable measure. It truly is a calling and a spiritual gift to care for these kids who carry with them a patchwork quilt of experiences – some orphans, some half-orphans, some just needing a helping hand and a safe place to land.

The work that ServLife is doing is beyond the basic and it’s important. It’s amazing to see how hope, and joy, and peace spring up out of some of the most traumatic circumstances and relationships with Christ are formed.To me, this is a sure sign that these kids are truly cared for.

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