Success Story

Nir Bahadur SijaliNir Bahadur clearly exemplifies a ServLife success story. Nir began his life in a remote village in western Nepal. The village had no modern medical care, proper means of transportation, or ability to communicate with the world at large. Nir’s mother, who has a disabled hand and was mired in severe poverty, was his only caregiver. She knew she was always going to struggle to be able to provide sufficient nutrition, education, and care for him.

All this changed for Nir when he was just four years old. His mother found him a place at ServLife’s Children’s Home. Nir moved to Kathmandu where he could be provided with nutrition, medical treatment, and the loving care of a second family. Nir says, “I found my new parents, brother and sisters… I got opportunity to know God and my life became brighter.” He began to study at a local private school, to learn English, and encounter teachers and other leaders who would support his further development.

Nir is now in grade 10, and experiencing a lot of success with the support he is receiving. He hopes to become a computer engineer. He wants to make a significant contribution toward developing his country and helping others. “I am always praying with God to fulfill this dream,” Nir Says.

“[These gifts are] all the mercy of ServLife Children’s Home and God who gave me a new life with new family, new parents, new society and many brothers and sisters who were like me and living together with me,” Nir says. We are so proud that Nir is becoming such a responsible and Godly young man, and thank God that he found his way to the Children’s Home where these opportunities were available to him. Please pray for Nir’s future and studies, for his mother’s financial and physical wellbeing, and for the other children in ServLife’s care– that they may embrace a future as bright as Nir’s.


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