Giving Our Faith Feet

602498_10151288596404017_49243767_nOn November 1st, ServLife will be literally putting feet on our desire to build global community. ServLife is participating in the Indianapolis Monumental Marathon’s Run for a Cause program, which allows runners to support a charity through their race. We have a team of runners and volunteers ready to support and run for justice! Jay and Brenda Howard, who are running the Marathon and 5K respectively, are excited using this opportunity to participate in two activities they love at the same time: running and global missions.

Jay and Brenda both enjoy running for the sense of accomplishment it gives, and the time in nature it affords. “I have a pretty stressful job,” Jay, the Dean of Liberal Arts and Sciences at Butler University, shares, “I find that after running I am too tired to be stressed anymore… I often run along the canal trail in Indy which means I see lots of wild animals – geese, ducks, heron, turtles, muskrats, etc.  Although, for a distance runner, the occasional turkey buzzard circling overhead can either be discouraging (‘Do I really look like I am going to drop in my tracks?’) or quite motivating (‘No one wants to be buzzard bait!’)”

Jay and Brenda decided to join with ServLife during their Monumental Marathon run Glasses 1because they saw that ServLife aligned with their values and desire to make a difference in the world. “Personally, I often feel weighed down by all the bad news in the world. Being a part of Team ServLife lets me contribute to making some good news,” Brenda says, “…People can’t partner with great organizations like ServLife unless they know about them. By running the Indianapolis Monumental 5K for ServLife, I can provide others awareness of the opportunity to be part of a force for good in the world.”

“I think ServLife takes Micah 6:8 seriously,” Jay shares, “I believe we are called to act justly, to show mercy and walk humbly with our God… Events like marathons are simply another opportunity to partner with organizations that help do important work and which provide a Christian witness of compassion and humility. As an American, I need to be reminded that loving my neighbor means loving the world.  We are blessed with much in the way of resources and opportunities. Therefore we have a responsibility to share those resources to further God’s kingdom. ServLife gives me an opportunity to put that into practice.”

We are so glad that Jay and Brenda have chosen to give feet to their faith on Team ServLife, and hope that anyone who is able will come out to support the team on November 1st, or consider supporting their run financially.

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