ServLife’s Sponsorship Program Reaches to Remote Regions of Nepal

ServLife is reaching out to 20 children in the western region of Nepal who cannot afford schooling and helping them get an education through our sponsorship program. Rakesh, one of these children, is from the Tharu ethnic group. His parents were slaves that were freed by the government and lived in a camp with other freed slaves. The area they lived in has many poisonous snakes and in June of 2006 Rakesh’s mother died of a snakebite. In July of 2007 his father also died of a snakebite. Rakesh only speaks Tharu, a tribal language, and now with the help of ServLife, Rakesh will be able to get a good education and learn to speak Nepali. He will also have plenty of food and shelter and be in a surrounding where he will hear stories of the Bible and learn about the love of Jesus Christ.

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