ServLife Seeks to Build Bridges of Hope in Afghanistan

A new staff member of ServLife is seeking to sustain, nurture, and grow hope in the nation of Afghanistan. Eddy comes from Texas but is seeking to build bridges to the oppressed and forgotten in Afghanistan through teaching English and computer and by promoting and educating about pregnancy health in a region where too many girls get pregnant too young — and then die from it. He will be working with a team that has been doing holisitic work in the region and supporting the very small indigenous Christian population for several years. Despite political instability and Taliban activity, the good news of the Gospel is what will bring peace to a very fractured nation for decades.

Please pray about how ServLife can continue to create opportunities to restore hope to the poor and offer the gift love in Jesus Christ.  Contact us for more information or join a movement of people seeking to bring hope and love to very dark regions of the world.

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