Abandoned Corpse on ServLife Construction Site in Bihar state India Sparks Controversy, Labor Interruption

On April 29 the corpse of a local Bihar man was discovered on a northern Bihar construction site where a ServLife Ministry Campus is being built consisting of a children’s home, school, training center for national workers, and guest house. Initial investigations indicate the man was murdered before being discarded on ServLife’s property where forthcoming facilities are under construction.

It is thought that the abandonment of the corpse on the work site is an act of opposition to ServLife’s Christian activities in the town and an effort to stop the work and put Christian workers in jail making the police accuse Christian staff. Since the discovery of the body, local Bihar laborers have ceased work due to fear of being killed on the project although no charges by law enforcement have been filed.  Please pray that final stages can be done and the labor workers will go back to work so ServLife staff and children can move from a rental place.

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