ServLife Medical Team Leaving for Haiti on January 28


The ServLife team being sent into Port-au-Prince, Haiti (consisting of six doctors, five nurses and a coordinator) leaves from Florida on January 28. They will be working at a temporary hospital that has been set up through an organization that has been on the ground in Haiti for 25 years.

The team will be there for seven days and will bring with them the first wave of medicine (1200 pounds with a value of $260,000) There are 200,000 people in the area the team will be based, with only one other hospital providing care in the region. The team will be performing surgeries and conducting postoperative care, and the Jamaican military has offered 24-hour security for their safety and protection.

Pray for strength, wisdom, and safety. Updates and prayer requests will be posted as they are received from the team.

(Posted: January 28, 2010)

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