Maclellan Foundation Donates 120 Audio Players to ServLife Workers in Asia


The Maclellan Foundation recently donated 120 New Testament audio players that will be given to ServLife Workers in India and Nepal and will be a tool equip and help them to share the Gospel in their communities and villages.

ServLife launched a campaign in October 2009, to provide each of the local mission workers that have been trained through our Leadership Training Institutes in India and Nepal with one of these audio devices, and with the help of the Maclellan Foundation, we were able to reach this first goal.

With these audio players being such an effective tool to help share the Gospel in remote, underdeveloped regions, we have launched a second campaign to supply 50 more of these audio devices to local believers in the communities we serve.

Will you consider purchasing one of these audio players to help equip one of these believers to help share the Gospel in their community? They are $100 per player.


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