Helping Churches Become Educated and Empowered through Dangerous Faith Book Signing Events

Joel Vestal’s book, Dangerous Faith (NavPress), was released nationwide on September 15, 2007, and ServLife has been working with local churches in doing book signing events to equip and encourage individuals in their walk with Christ and help them gain a broader vision for the world.

Book signing events can be done in your church to encourage the body of Christ to help them put action to their faith and move out into the corners of the world to offer the hope and love of Jesus. A book signing event can also be used to raise money for your church with the proceeds from the sale of the book going to whatever ministry the church desires.

Here is how it works:

  • Select a Sunday that you can promote this event
  • You can order books directly from NavPress and get a 50% discount made available to churches
  • You can order as many books as you want for the book signing event
  • Joel Vestal will come to your church and speak about the book during the church service and then sign the books that people purchase
  • You can sell the books at the price you desire and allow the proceeds to go towards a ministry of your church
  • You can return the books to NavPress that are not sold

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