Empowering Children’s Future in India with ServLife India Missions School


Education is central to breaking the cycle of poverty. In the state of Bihar in India, illiteracy rates are extremely high. In 2001, ServLife started the ServLife India Missions School with just 20 children. Today, there are over 100 children in the school and the aim is to reach out and impact children and families in the community. The school, which currently goes through grade three, has grown with all of the children coming from families from the local community.

The school’s director, Pushpa Das, says, “Education is so important for these children and they would not be getting a chance to be in school if we were not here.”

Many of these families the children are a part of are extremely poor and cannot afford to pay for the children’s schooling, so these children that attend the ServLife India Missions School are financially supported through ServLife’s child sponsorship program and given an opportunity for the gift of education. The majority of these families the children come from are Hindu and a few are Muslim, so the school is also a place to be in a surrounding to hear the stories of the Bible and about Jesus Christ.

Joel Vestal reflects, “Sponsorship really works and building a relationship with one of these children is a vital opportunity to put your faith into action and help make a global impact for Christ. Please pray about giving a donation to support our school and sponsor a child.”

The long term vision of the school is to build a facility that will educate 500 children. Please pray for this.  These children and the others we care for are supported through our sponsorship program, and for $30/month you can get involved today.

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