ServLife Hope Fund-Thailand, Keeps Impacting Communities from 2004 Tsunami


This past month, Joel Vestal and other ServLife staff visited several of the current 35 businesses that have started in post-tsunami regions of southern Thailand through the ServLife Hope Fund. Among the businesses they visited there were a DVD store, fishing supplies shop, and a local grocery. The Hope Fund in Thailand has helped many survivors that were devastated by the Tsunami in 2004 to begin rebuilding their lives and regain hope after they had lost everything, from family members, homes and possessions, and their former way of life.

The Hope Fund in Thailand continues to impact and bring hope to the community where it started. It has been turned over to a local church who manages it and allows them to directly provide help to the people in the community. ServLife always work to create relationships with the local church and community so that those who receive the loans know that the local church, no matter how small, is concerned for the community. We believe this opens doors and builds trust for sharing faith and relationship.

(From the “Fund” drop-down box, select “Project Support”, then enter the dollar amount and select “ServLife Hope Fund” for the project to give to.)

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