Get a Free Book! Limited Copies available of Wanting More

Joel Vestal’s first book, Wanting More, was self-published in 2005 by ServLife and printed in Malaysia. There were 5,000 copies printed and we have just a couple boxes left. We would like to make them available to anyone who would like one to have or to give a friend for free. Wanting More is filled with stories that will inspire you and shares the importance of spiritual formation and transformation in the life of any believer for the sake of loving others. The reader will understand more of the history of ServLife and our vision for the future to transform the world into the kind of world God intended it to be. This is a great way to introduce ServLife to a friend or your church.

Dangerous Faith was published in 2007 through NavPresss as a revised re-print of Wanting More, with new chapters and many other stories and updates. Contact us today and request a copy. Please limit your request to 3 books, and we will be happy to send the books to you to share with others.

(Posted: April 17, 2009)

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