ServLife church planters in India Requesting Prayer

One of the goal’s of ServLife is to train and equip local leaders to start churches.  We operate two training schools to accomplish this goal. These three men share some prayer needs for their work to share the love of Christ with their own people.  Please pray for them.

Nitya Nanda requests prayer for:

1) More people to come to know Christ in the area where he’s working. Mandela also asks that his work wouldn’t be impeded by the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS). The RSS is an extremist organization founded on principles of Italian fascism and Nazism.The group has used systematic violence to oppress minorities and disadvantaged communities in India for the past 80 years.

2) The nine families, around 60 people, of his church and those planning to join.

Eug Mirgan asks prayer for:

1) Protection from government persecution. Mirgin has been threatened with arrest and beatings. Though many of his relationships are ripe for sharing the gospel, these threats discourage seekers from being willing to follow Christ.

2) His family to come to Christ and for this three-year-old son.

3) A permanent place of worship. With 11 members, God is strengthening this small community’s faith, but the current space for worship gatherings is a rented room that can be used at designated times only.

Amol Narjinary requests prayer for:

1) His church congregation. When God’s Word is preached, Narjinary asks that his church members be touched and changed.

2) His family- he has two children, a 10th and 11th grader and the six families in his church community.

3) A miracle in your community. Narjinary prays for a paralyzed man in his community, asking God to restore the man’s health and use his regained wellbeing as testimony of God’s faithfulness. Answers to these kinds of prayer will cause others in our communities to seek God, too, Narjinary believes.

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