The Redemption Arch

The Advent season is the arch of the story of humanity. It is the beginning of our redemption as the human race. We once were in darkness, weighed down by our own sin, but then a Savior came in the most humble of forms. I see such redemption in the lives of Sujata and Kul.

When Sujata’s mom died, she lost her support system that loved and cared for her. When she first came to the ServLife home in Kathmandu, she was shy and reserved. Now Sujata is the darling of her home. Her physical needs are being met, she is getting an education, and she is a part of a big family that loves her deeply.

Kul used to be skeptical of God’s existence. Even after he accepted Jesus into his heart, he tried to run away from God’s calling on his life. Health complications brought Kul to a place of obedience, and he accepted God’s calling to be a pastor and start a church in his home village. Over 60 people started attending his church in the first year. Kul has a successful side business and his health has greatly improved.

These redemption stories, like the birth of Jesus, are humbling and hope-inspiring, but they are only the beginning. The hope of Jesus is that the best is yet to come. I believe this to be true for Sujata, Pastor Kul, and for us.