The New Jonah


Kul moved to Kathmandu to find work after Nepal’s civil war. His neighbor was a Christian and invited him to church. Initially, Kul was skeptical of all religions, but through persistence he agreed to go to church at least once. Three months after his first visit to church, he accepted Jesus into his heart.

In his first year of being a Christian, God called Kul to become a pastor back in his village. Kul knew that the life of a pastor would be a difficult one and he would face opposition. He chose to flee God’s call and moved to Qatar. When Jonah fled God’s calling, he wound up in the belly of a whale; for Kul, God put a sickness in his belly. His health worsened to the point where he couldn’t go to work every day. Kul finally accepted God’s call to be a pastor and moved back to Nepal. He trained to be a pastor with ServLife in Kathmandu, and his stomach sickness was healed.

After launching his church back in his home village, over 60 people are attending in the first year. He has a family, a business, and his health has improved. God transformed this skeptic into a pastor that is leading people to Christ, and his health and church are thriving.