Prem the Welder

Prem lives in west Nepal in the beautiful Surkhet Valley with his wife and three children. After retiring from the Nepal army, he had difficulty finding a job. He went to work in India, but soon moved back to his hometown to be with his family. He was quickly able to get a loan from ServLife, and started a welding business.

The business produces a variety of iron and steel products including climbing ladders, grills, chairs, and more. “This job is so satisfying, because it has helped not only me and my family, but others as well,” Prem shares. “I’ve been able to hire three employees, and hope to hire more in the future. I have so much now that I’ve been able to loan money to other people too.”

Now Prem is able to stay in his village with his family instead of traveling to find work. “There are no words to explain what this means to me,” Prem concludes. “I wouldn’t be able to start this business without this loan. It is providing for my children’s education and their future. Thank you.”