Paul and Sona

“From the beginning, my wife and I wanted to serve the orphaned, destitute and homeless children (girls). After many years of prayer, we got an opportunity to get involved with this ministry.” This dream is a reality through the perseverance of Paul and his wife Sona. They faced many challenges to get to where they are now. From tiny living quarters to government officials barging into their home. They’ve had to make huge sacrifices and even seek assistance to provide safe drinking water. 

Today, Paul and Sona live in Kailali and run the Daya Girls Home. Back in 2009, the home started with 7 girls. They now have 27 girls living with them, they have 2 girls who have graduated from grade 12 and 2 more set to graduate this year. They are excited to see the success of their girls and shared, “now we have more room to have more children come join us here.” The call in the Bible to look after widows and orphaned children is the driving force behind their ministry. Paul shares, “we got a call from God to serve the children and we got an opportunity to get involved in the ministry in West Nepal with ServLife.” 

Your donation helps Paul and Sona feed, clothe, and care for 31 daughters. Give today to the FOR THE CHILDREN campaign.