Pastries and Passports

What if your favorite breakfast treat could help you achieve some of your wildest dreams? For Asher McKenna, that’s pretty much what happened. He was able to make and sell over 500 donuts to fund his entire trip to Nepal last November.

Oldest son of Jodi and Brian, Asher grew up being exposed to different cultures. 15 years ago, his parents were missionaries in India for 3 months unforgettable months. It had long been a dream of Brian and Jodi’s to take their kids to the overseas mission field. When the opportunity arose for Jodi to go to Nepal with ServLife in the fall of 2018, she and her husband knew that it was time for Asher to get a passport.


Most people’s first international trip usually isn’t to somewhere as far as Nepal, nor is it when they’re 14 years old, but Asher was up for the challenge. Resourced by his grandmother with recipes and supplies to make gluten-free donuts, Asher quickly started turning a profit by selling donuts to friends, family, and strangers. He’d have to wake up at 4 in the morning some days to fill orders, but he says it was all worth it. He learned the basics of entrepreneurship from his donut business, but the most rewarding part was going to Nepal, hanging out with the ServLife kids, and meeting Christians risking their safety to share the gospel.

In Nepal, Asher got to lead a VBS with kids his age and younger. “It was just a really cool experience, and I got to see new things,” Asher shares. “And I loved talking to the kids there.”

During down time, Asher could be found throwing around a ball with some kids, strumming a guitar with a Nepali worship leader, or appreciating his mom’s love for chai tea in a new way. Not many young teenagers get to go to the other side of the world, so Asher is grateful for his experiences in Nepal. “It takes work to do it, but it was sure worth it.”