Celebrating our Graduates

Congratulations to Shadev, Rita, and Preeti, ServLife Children’s Home class of 2019! The three of them have been in the ServLife program for at least 10 years each, and now they’re off to pursue exciting careers.

Nepal’s education system has experienced significant improvements in the last several decades. During the 1950s less than 1% of the country saw the inside of a classroom. Two major education development plans in 1971 and 2016 have brought primary school enrollment up to 97% in 2016. Each generation has had more opportunities than the previous one, but the work of improving education in Nepal isn’t done. Secondary education enrollment is a little more than 50% and of those students who do enroll, a quarter of them do not finish secondary education.

The ServLife Children’s Home in Kathmandu has now seen five groups of kids graduate from 12th grade. They all have plans to further their education in different fields. Shadev will study software development. Rita will study agriculture. And Preeti will study business administration.

In addition to the three graduates from the ServLife home, there are 10 other students in the ServLife children’s program who have graduated 12th grade. All of them plan on attending college to purse degrees in business, engineering, nursing, and other useful programs. We are excited to see how their lives will shape Nepal’s future.