Multi-purpose Building Dedicated In Southern Thailand

hopebldgljfldjfsa.jpgYou have prayed and given generously to our Tsunami Relief efforts in southern Thailand and our vision was simple: To mobilize the small Thai church in southern Thailand to minister, pray, and distribute aid among the Tsunami victims. The national media of Thailand has written a report on what ServLife was able to make happen through a few local Thai churches we approached just days after the tsunami and asked them to help us distribute aid.  The people in Thailand are hearing about Jesus Christ for the first time, not merely with words but actions as well.  The Thai media reports that 150 have come to Christ (only God knows the real figure). Three new churches have been started.  This is all a result of God working through our relationships and partnerships and us stepping out in faith and desiring to help the victims. Missionaries came to Thailand over 200 years ago, yet Thailand remains under 1% Christian.  There has been little breakthrough through the decades as Thai people stay strongly loyal to their Buddhist heritage and beliefs. This is unprecedented of this many people to Christ in this part of southern Thailand. Most of the Christian church in the nation is in northern Thailand. Please continue to pray for our ongoing efforts

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