Bangkok Post Writes on ServLife’s work in Thailand

bangpost1.jpgArticle from the Bangkok Post: “Wassana Ditracha from Ban Namkhem village is one of the reportedly 150 Thai tsunami victims in the area who have converted from Buddhism to Christianity. She explained what had made her change her faith: “I was running away from the approaching wave, which hurled me 10 metres above the ground, right on top of a large tree. I was safe but I lost everything and I was in shock and I didn’t know what to do.” It was then that she met some people from the Takuapa Church who helped her and many others to overcome the trauma.According to Pastor Chatchawan and Pastor Jujit from the Hope of Takuapa Church, “At this moment we have five people helping, but we have joined with some foundations and received assistance from Hope of Bangkok Church, ServLife in America and Christians from California to distribute necessary items for daily life to tsunami victims.”  Said another new devotee: “People from the Takuapa Church came to Ban Namkhem village and helped many people. We were impressed by their generosity and decided to join the church and to become Christians. Since the tsunami struck, they have opened three new churches in Phang Nga province.”

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