Mighty Power

“When we all get together, it’s a wonderful time. We can see God’s presence with us. We can see that mighty power with us,” Director Albert Das shares. That was the purpose of ServLife’s 2016 Pastors’ Conference- to bring pastors together to build their common community, encourage one another and be in the presence of God.

Pastors came from all over India and Nepal, some taking buses or even walking for several days to get to Kathmandu, Nepal and Bihar, India. We also were able to send several American pastors to encourage and fellowship with their fellow pastors during the conference. Once they finally arrived the 122 pastors in attendance were treated to a time of learning, solidarity and worship. Our visiting pastors offered insights and lessons from scripture alongside many local leaders of the church, building a cross-cultural bond that was felt deeply by all. “[It’s important] for these pastors to know that they have the support of the worldwide church,” Pastor John Free of Currey Creek Baptist Church of Boerne Texas shared. “We’re in this together. There’s not a lot of churches, there’s one church!”

Many pastors had faced adversity in the last year, both with the economic strain caused by the Nepal earthquake and Blockade from India, as well as enduring threats and sometimes violence from fundamentalist groups opposed to Christians in their areas. Many were in sore need of a reason to continue in their call to ministry and said that the conference came just in time. Hearing the stories they had in common with other pastors and even with the Christians from the United States was the encouragement they needed to continue. The conference’s theme was “Abide in Christ” from John 15:4 and topics included how to take Sabbath rest, listening to God through silence and contemplation, and methods to study scripture. It was the perfect reminder of the mighty power of God abiding with those who abide in Him.

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