Make Jerusalem Great Again

Adam_HS_largeEaster has been so normalized in our Christian culture that I often miss the point. On the surface, I want chocolate, hopefully with a creamy caramel center. Deeper than that, I want Christ’s victory to make the American dream possible for me. And there I am missing the point again. So did the the crowds on Palm Sunday.

As Jesus entered Jerusalem the people were ready to make Jerusalem great again and overthrow the existing leadership, establishing Jesus as their new military and political leader. Waiving palm branches (which were a symbol of victory) and violently yelling “Hosanna!” meaning “save us,” “rescue us,” they were ready for their rebellion to begin. Jesus rode in on a majestic steed (a donkey, really Jesus?) and then proceeded to enter a week of what seemed to be loss, not victory. And yet he defeated an enemy much bigger and more dangerous than Rome. On the cross Jesus paid the debt of all humanity and with the empty grave he established himself more powerful than sin and death. The victorious life that he invites us into is not for chocolate or picket fences; it is for spiritual and emotional freedom and the restoration of all humanity with our spiritual Father.

Pastors in India and Nepal are sharing this victorious life of freedom and restoration with families in remote villages who have never heard the gospel. Child care workers are showing the love of Jesus and sharing about our perfect heavenly Father with orphans. God is bringing restoration and healing and your partnership makes this work possible. Thank you for your investment in the true meaning of Easter.

May we do all we can to share the love and restorative power of Jesus, as displayed through the cross and empty grave.

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