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Rakshya-2Rakshya’s childhood has not been easy. When she was only three, her mother died tragically while giving birth to her younger sister. This left her and her two sisters with only their father, a struggling alcoholic. The family was already poor, and her father spent what few resources they had to fuel his addiction. The three girls rarely had a meal and never dreamed of going to school. Eventually, Rakshya’s older sister found relief by working for a local family. While this provided food and shelter for her, it wasn’t enough to feed the rest of the family.

At only five, Rakshya’s health began to decline as she battled malnutrition. Weak and fragile, she spent most of her time roaming the village with her sister, looking for a few grains of rice just to stay alive. Relief came for her baby sister when her father remarried. While their new stepmother was willing to care for an infant, she could not afford to feed Rakshya.

Just as things seemed hopeless, a friend contacted ServLife’s children’s home in Kathmandu. Rakshya came to the children’s home at age six and, for the first time, received an education and the nutrition she so desperately needed.

Rakshya has thrived since arriving at the home. From the time she began studying in kindergarten, her teachers noticed her sweet disposition. She enthusiastically did her homework and quickly excelled in the classroom, eventually skipping the seventh grade. She was meticulous and orderly, and even began looking after many of the younger children around her.

Now in the ninth grade, Rakshya loves studying English. When she’s not in school, she enjoys dancing and singing. After she finishes her studies, she plans on being a teacher and lawyer. Her dream is to be a helping hand to those in need.

Rakshya shows tremendous love for everyone she encounters. She has developed a strong faith in Christ, love of Scripture and the desire to serve God. As she looks back on God’s provision for her, she can see his favor in her life and knows he has big plans for her in the future.

Pray for Rakshya’s health, studies, and future as she desires to love and serve others in need. If you would like to be a part of caring for children like Rakshya, consider sponsoring a child by clicking here.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this story! It was a blessing to meet Rakshya when we were in Kathmandu earlier this year and it is a blessing to hear more of her story!

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