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Anil Shahi (Sindhupalchook)Anil Shahi was born into a Newari family that was very religious and worshipped Idols and goddesses. His father had epilepsy and became mentally unstable. After a year his younger brother also became mentally unstable. That brought terrible fear to Anil because he was worried he would become the same way.

His family sold all their possessions and property to buy medication for their father and younger brother, but it did not help. In 2001, his friend brought him to a Church; it was his first time at a church. The songs and sermon touched his heart and in 2002 he received Christ. He began to pray for his father and younger Brother and there were tremendous changes within a month. His mother was impressed and began to go to church.

Now, his father and brother are well and other relatives have come to the Lord. He graduated from the ServLife Leadership Training Institute in Nepal in May 2008 and planted Hossanna Church in the Sindhupaalchowk district of Nanglebarai in Central Nepal.

Anil Shares a Testimony from his Ministry

“18 month ago, I decided to start a ministry in Sankhu. I was looking for a room to live and found a house in Ittakhel village. While living in that house, I came to know a young man who was 18 years old and living with his grandparents. His name was Rupesh Kunwar and they are from Bhahmin Hindu family. Due to his paren’ts work, Rupesh’s parents were living in different city. As time passed, I started to notice Rupesh was not doing well and was very disruptive in the community.

I wanted to know about Rupesh, and I asked his relatives and people in the community about him. I came to know that he has been sick for a few years. His family members believed that Rupesh was made sick by the Mantra (chanting words of the witch doctors). They had visited different witch doctors but they could not help.

After hearing his story, God put a burden in my heart for Rupesh. I looked for the opportunity to meet with him, and when that opportunity came, I shared the Gospel with him. It helped us to build our relationship and he started to come to my room regularly for prayer. I started to pray for him every day and he started to open up. After hearing about his life firsthand, I found he was experiencing much pain and was going through a lot of personal problems. He could not sleep at the night and he tried to play music at night to help him sleep. In the middle of the night he would wake up and see different kinds of figures and appearances of demon spirits. He has written many words on his wall which we do not know and cannot read. He has cut his hands several times and they were full of scars and wounds.

God met him in his painful situation. After our meeting his life was totally transformed and his family and community have been amazed by his new life. He is now a living witness for his friends and was recently baptized. Because of his testimony, his other two brothers came to Christ. I thank God for this work He has done in Rupesh and his family.

Prayer Requests:

  • For Anil’s church in Sankhu that he started almost two years ago
  • Anil desires to plant two more churches by next year. Pray for God’s leading in this.

(Posted: Jan.8, 2010)

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