Hope Fund Empowers Mina Magar in Himalayan Foothills of Nepal

The ServLife Hope Fund is our micro-enterprise initiative for the unemployed and under-employed of the world who suffer from hunger, poverty and malnutrition. We believe that the ServLife Hope Fund is a strategic way to help people escape the trappings of poverty and hunger.

We always work to create relationships with the local church and community so that those who receive the loans know that the local church, no matter how small, is concerned for the community. We believe this opens doors and builds trust for sharing faith and relationship.

The following report is from a village in Nepal where a Hope Fund was started:

“Hope Fund loans not only help people get started from the ground up, but also helps those who are coming from behind. Mina comes from the Magar ethnic group, the most common group in this area of the Himalayan foothills. Being from this group in no way translates affluence.

Mina has a child and was married until her husband left her for another woman, leaving her to raise a child in the home of her parents. In Nepal, Mina’s situation is not pitied or shown sympathy, but rather looked down upon.

Mina was interested in getting a loan to start up her goat farm. The local committee saw her situation and selected her as one of the most-needy applicants. Mina was thankful that she qualified to receive the Hope Fund micro loan and now has hope to support her child and begin to change her unfortunate circumstances.

We have 42 targeted villages where we have workers, and a Hope Fund can be started in one of these villages for as little as $12,000. Over a 5 year period, a single Hope Fund in a village will help over 500 individuals living in poverty and suffering from hunger.

Please consider giving to the Hope Fund today and help start a Hope Fund in one of these villages.

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