Adam_HS_large“You are the light of the world.” In Matthew 5 Jesus implores, “Let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.”

You ARE the light of the world. You don’t have to try to be, you don’t have to work at it, you just ARE because of Jesus. And yet, we seem to play a role in hiding that light or letting it shine. What is seen is good deeds that give glory to God. Those external expressions come from an internal heart of service, humility and worship.

Service and acts of justice can easily lead to pride and a judgmental heart. We can become an elitist group of judgmental activists and lack the very love and compassion that should drive all acts of service. But if we “let our light shine” and give God all the glory, others will see the Kingdom of God propelled and join in.

I am grateful that you have joined in and helped display God’s love to children, churches and families in India and Nepal. Thank you for letting your light shine and serving through your prayers, support and finances. Your sacrifice, support and service is making a difference in India and Nepal, and the love of Jesus is spreading. Thank you.

Lord, may our light shine and may You receive all the glory. Help us to serve out of compassion, speak out of humility, and live a life of love and grace. May we see your good deeds and always give you the credit. Amen.

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