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Volunteer 3ServLife’s work in Nepal includes a powerful month-long training program designed to equip Christians to serve within churches throughout the country. The program, titled, “How to Help My Pastor,” equips local Christians to make an impact in their church community.

Director Lazarus Thulung, who leads ServLife’s programs in Nepal, says that the training is oriented around individual and community growth, and offers students an opportunity to increase their vision of ministry within the church.

“They honor their pastors,” he says. “They can work under the submission of the pastors and help the pastors and help the church and to build the body of Christ together.”

Resham, a student at the last training session, says that the experience led him to a greater understanding of his role within the church.

“I have been working in the ministry for the last 10 years and I was looking for training for leadership development,” he says. “When I came to this training, the first week I learned evangelism and discipleship. I thought that I had been doing this for the last 10 years, but I began to realize that there are many things that I had learned wrong in the past.”

With limited resources, Resham was grateful to learn about the training program offered by ServLife. “This training has helped me understand my role as a pastor, as a leader in the church, and how I should teach and preach and disciple others in my church,” he says.

Rozi, another student, attended the training for the first time. She says it helped her to better understand how she can play a role in ministry.

“I have learned how to help my pastor,” she explains. “I always thought that only the pastor can do the ministry, but since I came here I have come to understand the role of the believer to build the church, and how we can help our pastor and encourage him.”

Rozi says the training session inspired her to pursue her calling. “We were learning about how God’s people perish without vision,” she says, “and while I was listening God gave me a vision for how I should develop my passion for my ministry to women.”

Lazarus Thulung is excited about the long-range impact the training is having on the Christian community in Nepal.

“We are dedicated to teach our brothers and sisters, those who have come from different places, different districts, different villages of Nepal,” he says, “even in this small number we want to equip them and disciple them personally and closely building a relationship and equip them so that they can go back and build the body of Christ together.”

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