11391785_10152821827355146_4637320821143553313_nPastor Kamal’s journey with Christ has taken him all over South Asia. He first heard the gospel in India while visiting a cousin, but at the time he did not want to accept the Good News. He was not ready to let God into his heart, but rather kept seeking worldly fulfillment. Later he traveled to both Qatar and Malaysia in search of work because Nepal did not offer enough opportunities. In Malaysia he heard the gospel for a second time, and in this instance his heart was opened to receive God. He accepted Jesus into his life and journeyed back to Nepal with a desire to do God’s work. He enrolled in the ServLife training school. “We started our journey of ministry with sharing small Gospel brochures in the day time and in the evening we showed them Gospel films,” Kamal says. “After the film was shown we could share our thoughts and discuss it in a small group. In this way we were able to share the Gospel with many people.”

1982308_10152795280660146_222929054787949475_nNow, several years later, Pastor Kamal’s congregation has grown to over 100 believers. However, they are again facing a journey of both a geographical and spiritual nature. The recent earthquakes in Nepal destroyed Pastor Kamal’s entire village. “We all lost our animals, foods, dishes and documents under the rubble of our houses,” Kamal explains. “The government told us not to go to our village due to the huge rocks still falling in landslides from the mountains around us.” So, Kamal’s entire village, made up of 44 families, must relocate and find shelter. They are restarting from scratch, a journey that will test their endurance and their faith. Pastor Kamal is asking for prayer that his community would be safely housed before the rainy season, and they would stay safe and healthy in their temporary homes. He also would like prayer for his congregation to grow spiritually through this trying time of journey and transition.11401031_10152795280665146_6671910599885132264_n

ServLife is currently building 44 long-term temporary homes for the occupants of Pastor Kamal’s village, racing against time to ensure they have shelter for the monsoon season. Each family will receive a corrugated steel shelter with a brick foundation and solar powered lighting. ServLife staff will be visiting Pastor Kamal’s community at the end of July, so stay tuned for an update on this project in August.

This relief work will make all the difference to those displaced by the earthquake. To contribute to similar projects please visit

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