Birthday Girl

IMG_8659On Saturday, April 25, Sujata’s mother went to the bathroom and never came back. The terrible earthquake that struck that day dropped the building on her, leaving Sujata’s father a widower and unable to care for his daughter because he must work and has no one to leave her with. Thankfully government officials had made arrangements with Udaya, Director of ServLife’s children’s homes in Nepal, to receive children newly orphaned by the earthquake.

Last Tuesday was Sujata’s first day in the Kathmandu children’s home, and it also happened to be her second birthday! She’s now the youngest member of the home and has a whole new family of brothers and sisters that happily welcomed her, singing ‘Happy Birthday’ and sharing cake.

August is Child Sponsorship Month at ServLife. We believe every child is an Heir of God (Romans 8:16-17). We want to affirm them and help them live into their inheritance of God’s glory and a bright future. There are more children like Sujata orphaned by the earthquakes in Nepal coming to ServLife’s homes in Kathmandu soon. Through sponsorship, every child can experience a birthday filled with security, love, and family. And cake!

Your support of ServLife helps many children like Sujata get the care, love, shelter and education that they need. If you would like to learn more about our child sponsorship program please visit or

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