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For more than twenty years, civil war raged in South Sudan. Now that peace has come, the Church in Sudan is seeking to rebuild lives, communities, and opportunities for advancing the Gospel.

In South Sudan and northern Uganda, ServLife is partnered with local churches and indigenous pastors to promote the Gospel by working to end hunger, rescuing and caring for orphaned children, and training new leaders for the Church and her mission. Our goal is to develop collaborative relationships with local church leaders and think together about how Sudanese communities can best experience God’s love and meet Jesus Christ.

All of our Sudanese initiatives are locally initiated, locally planned, and locally led. ServLife’s history in Sudan (and in Sudanese communities living as refugees in Uganda) goes back more than 10 years. Steven and Amy Nicholson provide leadership and coordinating support from ServLife’s US staff. ServLife is now uniquely positioned to build upon the relationships established in Uganda and accompany the refugees and church families home to Sudan and assist in the rebuilding of lives, communities, and opportunities for advancing the Gospel. Currently, all three of ServLife International’s major objectives – rescuing and caring for orphaned children, ending hunger through micro-enterprise development with women, and training and multiplying church leadership – are active in Sudan.

Rescuing and Caring for Orphaned Children

  • Twenty years of war, disease, poor farming conditions, and forced exile have created untold thousands of Sudanese orphans.
  • Churches and women’s economic empowerment groups affiliated with ServLife are caring for several hundred orphaned children in their communities.
  • Presently, ServLife supporters like yourself are providing twenty four orphaned children in the care of ServLife-affiliated women’s groups with an education in the form of school fees, uniforms, and school supplies.
  • To provide an education for one orphaned child for one year costs an average of $75.

Ending Hunger through Economic Development

  • Because of decades of war, violence, and disease, many thousands of Sudanese women both in Sudan and in refugee camps have been widowed.
  • Women in Africa – especially widows – have traditionally been marginalized and disempowered culturally, spiritually, and economically even though they are directly responsible for the care of the family and children.
  • ServLife has partnered with local churches to form micro-enterprise development groups among Sudanese Christian women to help them gain the skills and acquire the resources necessary to start small businesses to support their families and children.
  • ServLife Sudan currently has 120 women in affiliated groups, with more on waiting lists ready to form if more funds become available.
  • To provide small business skills development and start-up capital to a group of thirty women costs $3000.
  • To fund the development of all of the women on ServLife waiting lists, it will cost $21,000 per year.
  • After training, the women are generally able to feed and clothe their children, keep them healthy, and fund their educations for a lifetime.

Multiplying the Indigenous Church / Leadership:

  • Most Sudanese pastors have only completed part of a high school education, and very few have any formal training in leadership or theology.
  • Nearly 100 pastors have been a part of ServLife-sponsored programs in the past, and their number one request has consistently been for more training for themselves and for younger pastors-in-training.
  • For $15,000 per year, ServLife can facilitate African-led pastor training for 200 local Sudanese pastors and provide them with written materials in their own language. (That is just $75 per pastor per year.)
  • ServLife also supports local pastors through a program of oxen sharing, repatriation, and a community Christian Leaders Library. These efforts reach approximately sixty pastors and can be expanded and supported for $1000 per year.

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