Pastor Manraj

From Homebody to Preacher

“I felt called to be a pastor when I read Jesus’ command in Matthew 28:19 to go and make disciples.” Pastor Manraj described himself as lazy before he attended the pastor training school and became a pastor, but if you met him today, you would find that hard to believe. This man is full of ambitious hopes and dreams for the gospel in his corner of Nepal.

Manraj responded to God’s call and traveled over 100 miles to the ServLife pastor training center in Kathmandu. “It was hard to leave my family for 3 months, but I learned so much from the pastor training school.” Manraj learned about preaching, caring for a church congregation, gained a better understanding of the Bible, and even received vocational training. Upon graduating, he was given a business grant to launch a water filtration business. Along with his wife’s poultry store, they do not need to take an income from their new, growing church.

Pastor Manraj is focused on making disciples, and in his first year as a pastor has launched church communities in two villages. He has seen God work in powerful ways, including praying for a demon-possessed woman who came to the church. “She was healed and is now able to work to support herself. I have witnessed many miracles like hers since I’ve become a pastor.”

Traveling almost every day, he preaches to anyone that will listen, from groups of 10 drinking tea to 200 on the countryside. “I used to be a homebody, but now don’t want to stay in my home. Every day I am going out for the Gospel.”