A Safe Home

Anisha and Shiva’s lives would never be the same. In a drunken rage, their father had killed their mother and was sent to prison, leaving them all alone at age 6 and 4. After bouncing from extended family member to another, they eventually arrived in a ServLife orphanage. Fortunately, the orphanage staff spoke their tribal language and was able to help them transition to their new home and family.

But Anisha struggled to trust adults and even ran away from the orphanage a few times at the beginning. She didn’t want to talk, didn’t want to eat, didn’t want to trust, and didn’t want to smile. Over the course of six months, this slowly began to change as she embraced her new family and began to rebuild her life.

Their new home father, Udaya, has been encouraged by their transformation. Anisha shares, “I am very fine. It’s a very good place here. Good food and good school. I love this place.” Hearing this, Udaya’s heart is warmed, “I am so happy and proud to be their father.”

Anisha and Shiva’s physical needs are being met and they are attending school, but most importantly, they are being loved well in a safe home. “This is our passion and call from God,” Udaya shares. “When I see the smiling face of a child, I see that God is existing in their life.”