First Hand

IMG_40792Several months ago, Adam and Christin Nevins planned to take their children halfway around the world to India and Nepal. As a family, they wanted to encourage and connect with the families of ServLife’s directors in India and Nepal. They also hoped the experience would be life changing for their own children.

“I wanted them to realize that the majority of the world doesn’t live like we do,” Christin reflected. “I wanted them to have a first-hand experience. To actually walk on the street and have widows look into their eyes and hold their hands, to see the houses, to see the kids…there is nothing that can replace that.”

The July trip was successful on both fronts. The Nevins bonded with the families of ServLife’s overseas directors. Meals were shared. Games were played. Prayers were prayed together.

Further, the first-hand experience Christin hoped for clearly affected the Nevins’ children. Carolyn, 11, reflected, “When we were going around handing out food, we saw a lot of people whose eyes weren’t working right or who were handicapped in some way. It was hard to see them, how they had so little.”

Emily, 9, was equally impacted. One particular encounter stuck with her. “There was this one widow,” Emily said, “when she saw me, she seemed to just love me…She even remembered me the next day.”

Travelling around the world changed the Nevins’ family, but it also helped them see how they can change their community. “[Americans] just can’t stop wanting more,” Emily reflected. “Since [people in India and Nepal] are happy with what they have, they don’t need to keep being upset…If we could put some good things from India here, then I think this would be a much better place.”


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