A Great Theologian

On November 18, Lazarus Thulung’s youngest son, Abhishek (Hyssop), went to be with the Lord. He was 12 years old, and faced medical challenges from birth. He died peacefully in his sleep.

Lazarus wrote the letter below the day after his son’s death, and wanted to share it with you all and request your prayers. Please join us in grieving this loss and praying for the Thulung family. Thank you.

19 November 2012
Beloved Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
Our dear son Abhishek (Hyssop) went to the Lord yesterday (Sunday) morning at 6 am at the age of 12. We miss him so much. He was a great inspiration in our lives. His life helped us to understand God’s sovereignty and His loving Grace. He was our very special son given by God. His 12 years of journey of life was not easy due to his spasm which cause him pain in his brain. He was wordless, helpless and sightless but my own prime source of Theology of Suffering. His life inspired me to write two major books “Where is God When I am in Suffering?” and “When God is Silence.” God brought tremendous healing to hundreds and thousands of souls through these books and led people to come closer to God. He could not live his life very joyfully but he made us joy in everyday and every moments of our lives. I realized that I lost a great theologian and mentor in my life. I could have written more books if he would have lived more years. But Lord has appointed his time very short on earth. We just have Great! Great! memory of him, he lived well.

In the funeral service my oldest son Arpan sang a song which he used to sing for Abhishek to make him sleep. He spoke few words in funeral service which touched to all that morning. He said, “My brother never had sight, words, and ability to walk, but I do believe that God will restore his all health in heaven. I will see him one day with the complete restored body.”

We are grateful to you for your constant prayer and encouragement.

In His Glory,

Lazarus & Martha Thulung
Kathmandu, Nepal

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