Great Advantage

Aashika comes from a Tharu tribe and lives in a small West Nepal small village. Her parents want to see Aashika receive a quality education, something they weren’t able to receive themselves. Both of her parents were bonded agricultural laborers until the laws changed in Nepal and they were freed, but because of being forced laborers, they do not have working experience in anything except agriculture. Like all parents, they want their daughter to have more opportunities than they had. Because of this desire, they are less focused on arranging a marriage for her as is custom but are more interested in her education.

In her culture, most girls her age have already had a marriage arranged for them and are not able to attend school. This leaves girls without many skills or experiences to earn money or contribute to their communities. Her mother is in this position and must rely on Aashika’s father for all their living expenses. Aashika’s father shares, “I love my family very much. I want to give them good knowledge and as I think about her (Aashika’s) future I’m sad because I’m unable to provide for all her needs.”

Through a ServLife child sponsorship, Aashika now attends school and is completing grade 8. Neither of her parents were educated beyond primary school and are proud to see Aashika succeed. They share, “Now we have no worries about Aashika’s education. The education sponsorship is giving her a great advantage and providing her with a bright future.” Her parents are so thankful to see their beautiful daughter learning and growing in her knowledge.

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