Graduates Gathering

At the end of March, 32 young adults gathered in Kathmandu, Nepal to reflect on their time in the ServLife sponsorship program. Having successfully graduated from 12th grade, many have gone on to college and some directly into the workforce. While sharing a large dinner, each participant shared an update on their residence and life.

Many students shared how important their sponsor letters were to them, with one student always carrying a letter in her back pocket to be reminded that her sponsor was praying for her. Five students shared their personal testimonies and reflected on their time as a student.

Upadesh trained to be an accountant and started a new job last December. But it’s not been without hard times. He got tuberculosis last year, and while it was challenging, he leaned on his faith and community to get through.

Manisha shared that her experience in the sponsorship program “has provided me inspiration to pursue my dreams, so I have figured out what to do for my future.” She is currently in college studying to become a Charter Accountant.

The gathering concluded with the creation of a volunteer Alumni Committee that will keep everyone connected and make this gathering an annual event. They also created a group chat for emotional support and vocational networking. It was an encouraging time for the students and staff, and the staff expressed their pride and love to the young adults.