Graduate of ServLife Training Institute in Nepal Starts School in Local Community in Rural Nepal

Dayaram Chudhari knew if he wanted to share the love of Christ with the Kamaya people, he would need to search for ways he could help empower them. Dayaram is a graduate from the first class of local mission workers from the ServLife Training Institute in Nepal in 2007. After graduation, he returned home to his village, seeking ways to show God’s love; his heart was specifically burdened for the Kamaya people.The Kamaya people were born and have lived as slaves, in bondage to their masters. Six years ago, in 2002, the Nepal government intervened, liberating these slaves. Not only did they free them from their masters and clear any debt, but they gave the Kamaya people their own land! The Kamaya people are strong in number in the region Dayaram is from: with 4-5 camps of Kamaya people, each camp having about 600 families, and each family having 5-6 members.

Dayaram knew of the Kamaya people and of their struggles. They had come such a long way, and he wanted to show God’s love by helping them even more. Dayaram was aware that there was no school in the community, and with such a large group of people, he knew that he could cultivate some learners. So, he decided to start up a school. In the midst of prayers and preparations, he approached several families in the area, telling them of his hopes and intentions. When the time came for the first day of school, over 100 children showed up! Soon the village donated a facility in Tikapor, Nepal to use as the school building.

Dayaram has loved on and taught these children and families with his whole heart. Since its beginning, four families have come to know Christ through Dayaram, and the school has started a church of its own. Now these new believers have a community and place to meet in, worship, pray, and witness to others.

Lazarus Thulung, ServLife director of SLTI, says “We are so proud of Dayaram and what he has done in sharing Christ in a holistic way. He is a model for other graduates to minister to people in a way that makes an impact.”

Daryaram graduated not knowing exactly what he wanted to do, except that he was willing to serve. God has used him in the lives of the Kamaya people in powerful ways. From a school, to families coming to know Christ, to a church that worships and evangelizes to its own people, God has done a mighty act!

(Source: ServLife News by Ashley Hatchett)

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