God’s Work Continues Despite Economic Challenges

A young girl from Africa penned these words:

“To become involved is risky. Pain is often contagious. Our hearts may be broken and our lives may be threatened. Yet we hear God calling and we can no longer hide. Our steps may be small and timid. We may read a book, write a letter, or make a gift. But each tiny step is blessed by God and multiplies. God is more relentless than war. God is more pervasive than hatred. God is more insistent than despair.”

The media reminds us daily of the economic challenges that are before the US and global economies. As we in the West are concerned with mortgages and retirement accounts, many of the global poor are worried about their next meal or whether their child will die of a preventable disease. Indeed, it is the global poor and marginalized who need our encouragement and help more than ever during times like these. I want to thank you for your generosity and support to our mission last year and pray that you will continue to support what God is doing through ServLife in 2009. Despite the economic condition we are currently in, God’s work continues and your prayers and support allow that to happen.

Please continue to pray for ServLife 1,000 and our 5 year goal to train 1,000 indigenous workers, care for 1,000 children, and start 1,000 small businesses among the poor. I pray that 2009 is a year when God does amazing things in your life.

Joel Vestal
January 2009

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