Friends in Southern California: Come and Hear Albert & Camillus Das from India in Costa Mesa

Albert Das and his daughter, Camillus, will be in Costa Mesa, CA. Albert has been a part of the beginning of ServLife. This is a man you want to come and hear and be challenged by his faith in God in the midst of impossible circumstances!

Many of you know of or perhaps have met Albert D and his work in what many label as the “graveyard of global missions” in Bihar, India. The Asia Development Research Institute, a Hindu research organization says, “Bihar has nothing to offer except history. Bihar is a damned place. Bihar defies all hope.” A Hindu sociologist S. Narayan of the A.N. Singa Institute writes, ” Bihar doesn’t even deserve to be called a jungle because even jungles are governed by rules.”

In the middle of this forsaken place a man and his family have laid down their lives for the sake of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Come and hear first hand from Albert D founder of ServLife India and Camillus who runs the school and orphanage in Bihar. See pictures, hear stories, learn about the realities of India the most diverse and fastest growing country on the planet. Allow your mind and heart to be expanded for what God is doing in the world, and how we can be a part of it.

Get to know the work of ServLife that is based in Bihar, India and scattered in 8 states. Hear about a vision to plant 1,000 churches & Rescue more children from poverty


Thursday February 19, 7-8:30

The Crossing Church
2115 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA. 92627

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