Eager to Learn

IMG_7176Sweltering heat couldn’t squelch the joy and excitement in west Nepal this July as 130 teachers from 11 schools gathered for a three-day Teacher Training Conference. ServLife partners with local schools to provide education for over 350 children in India and Nepal through our child sponsors. Teachers from these schools asked ServLife to improve their teaching skills by bringing U.S. teachers to help them, leading to the first conference in 2013.

This year, six teachers from three states joined two ServLife staff and answered the call to travel to far west Nepal for the conference. The three days flew by. The team presented nine different topical workshops, took questions during a Q&A session and presented a few panel discussions. The teachers were eager to learn everything they could and would often follow up with the presenters after each session.IMG_7052

The vast content did not discourage the teachers, but rather empowered and excited them. “There are many things I want to use in the future and I hope to implement them all in the days to come,” Laxmi, who teaches science and math, shared.

Carter, one of the presenters on the trip, was surprised and impressed that after three full days of training, the group of teachers were still eager to grow. “They wanted more. They wanted more time with us, they wanted more opportunities to learn more topics, they were just very enthusiastic about what they were doing and what they got to do. I was just really encouraged, that not only was it a great opportunity for me but it was a great opportunity for them as professionals.”

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