Childhood Restored

7759-Deepa Patel_3At age six Deepa was cleaning and working for her family instead of attending school. Following her father’s tragic death in a road accident Deepa’s mother was left with few options and put her children to work, joining her at her job as a janitor. Deepa’s older brother refused to work and left the family to make his own way. Her mother decided to move away and make a fresh start at life. Many widows in her situation would leave the children to live on the street and fend for themselves, but fortunately for Deepa and her sisters, their mother brought them to a ServLife children’s home.

ServLife’s Director in India, Albert, was deeply moved by Deepa’s plight, “When I came to know [about her] I said, ‘let me bring that child here. I’ll keep her in our home.’ And so she was brought into our children’s home. That is my passion, you see, to rescue children from this kind of work… IMG_8269We are bringing hope to the hopeless.”

It has been two years since Deepa’s mother brought her to the ServLife children’s home in India. There her childhood was restored. Today she’s going to school, playing with her dolls, and enjoying the life of a typical eight year-old. Camillus, India’s Children’s Ministry Manager says, “She can be like a normal child and play around and do her studies. She wants to be a teacher when she grows big. She likes to study.”

Your support rescues young girls like Deepa from a life of hard labor and abandonment, giving them hope for a brighter future. Thank you for making an immediate and eternal difference for children like Deepa.

If you would like to find out more about sponsoring a child like Deepa, please visit our child sponsorship page.

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