Work of The People partnering with ServLife

In 2006, the founder of The Work of the People, Travis Reed, and his assistant traveled with Joel Vestal to Nepal and India to establish a partnership with the work of ServLife in the region.

Click here to view a film done by The Work of the People of the children in ServLife’s orphanage in Bihar, India entitled, “The Last will be First”


FROM THEIR WEB SITE: “The Work of the People is defined by its name. We are a community of artists, storytellers, filmmakers, poets and theologians. Our work is to tell the story we share and to ask poignant questions through film, literature, art and music. We utilize our gifts to create tools for the Church to engage universal spiritual issues through progressive media. We confess that we are created in the image of God and fulfill our calling by creating and recreating to the glory of God. noun. pl. liturgies. From the Greek word (transliterated, leitourgia) meaning “the work of the people.” Liturgy may refer to, or include, elaborate formal rituals or simple daily activity. Liturgy unites the Christian Church; the Church comes together around liturgy to express its nature as a faithful and distinct people. Film in particular is one form of an emerging visual liturgy. Media has the ability to unite the Church, to tell stories shared by the Church, to mark the Church as distinct. The Church’s task is to create and share in liturgy. This is the work of the people.”

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